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“La Voix” Magazine is published in English from an American viewpoint with a global objective for a new generation, and a new world. Its mission is to be the voice of the fashion and entertainment industry revealing the world culture that connects and defines us. With it’s unique voice it shatters preconceived judgments, inspires new awareness, chronicles unique perspectives, and encourages bold change between nations by revealing important subjects from different countries each issue.


La Voix provides the humanistic answer that is required to interpret a culture and it's people wherever they may be in their present country so we can have an inside look into its history, causes, lifestyle, fashions and its unique voice. La Voix’s mission is to encourage a proactive and meaningful lifestyle, and to fuse the divided through cultural awareness by giving its people a voice to be heard throughout the world.


La Voix is part of Italia Brands Co., a leading media and marketing company serving a global clientele. Italia Brands has also launched titles such as “Poetic Couture”, a publication that translates through the power of art and literature our connection to the greater good. Its focus is on philanthropic causes and its mission is to collectively take action with honest, non-bias story telling. Our hope is to gain trust from our readers that we are here to reveal the truth and inspire the freedom that lies within each and every one of us. We are La Voix, we are your voice.

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