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Creating La Voix Magazine has been a heartfelt and eye opening experience. As I sit in overwhelming gratitude for the lessons I have learned in each issue, I am reminded of where we began before this journey unfolded: in a quaint studio overlooking swaying palms, the fresh breeze of perpetual summer, a rainbow every now and again, and almost always, a morning filled with birds performing their daily vibrato in perfect harmony.


Every emotion in these issues have been hand-painted through artistic expression. After losing a family member and overcoming a health crisis, it has seemingly uprooted even the simplest of routines; indefinitely placing me at the mercy of becoming quite the cliché. Thus, my theme of life diverting from what was once a James W. Pence quote, “Success is determined by those whom prove the impossible, possible.” — to a Marcia Wieder quote, “Use your precious moments to live life fully every single second of every single day.”


We became emotionally bound to every beating heart that tied us more intricately to each and every person we wrote about in these issues. Each story becoming a cause we actively pursued with fundraising, peace walks, giving, hospital visitations, listening, and learning. The awakened sensibility of human kindness, all wrapped up in one mission statement, to be shared with you as a testimony of love and respect. What a blessing it is to always grow as an individual; and to learn from those who have taught us most about not only the world around us, but also more about ourselves.


I can remember the first time I attended a couture show in New York City, or shared laughs with Tony Bennett. I am forever grateful for the time I sat with legs crossed overlooking Santorini, Greece, and learned the art of forgiveness. I can, with vivid recollection, recall the sunflowers in Tuscany, Italy; the brilliant light show of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France; the sounds of bagpipes in Edinburgh, Scotland; and the brisk walks with my grandmother in Brighton, England.


Upon completion of every issue, I can now add to these the memories of hearing a small child saying, “Thank you for making a difference in my life,” seeing the sparkle in a woman’s eye when she puts her life on the line to dedicate herself to animals, and the feeling I received after reading a letter from a father who shared his heartfelt gratitude for the article we wrote about his son. For me, countless memories have defined who I am and are the stepping-stones to all I will become. This collection of memories and the people who stand tall for humanity, social awareness, and cultural significance are never to be forgotten. I hope to share more of my moments with you for many years to come as we communicate your voice through our issues.


I am profoundly convinced that together we CAN make a difference. Each article and subject are discreetly selected. All dedicated to those who are making bold statements to encourage positive social change.


We are immersed in the idealism that we have reached the end of cultural indifference. Indeed, culture more particularly American culture, has arrived at the dawn of a new American Society – one that cares for our great Earth and one that understands we are all different, yet united. We celebrate the philanthropic goals of Poetic Couture and, at the same time, stay true to our calling as the ultimate voice of culture as La Voix.


La Voix forever champions the power of social change, and is a remarkable achievement that celebrates cultural pluralism and acculturation. It collectively takes responsibility on a global scale, is proactive in nature, and speaks the truth. Understanding the cultures that surround us is critical to a world united.


With great respect I say thank you to the partners, executives, friends, and charities dedicated to the publication; for all they have done to advocate positive change. Thank you for trusting in the socially conscious dream that we can make a difference, and for honoring the La Voix movement. With Gratitude. -Fiore


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