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Photography by Elina Sazanova | Written by Lauren Maugeri


America’s new “It Girl” and the driving force behind the new hit singles, "Love Free", and "Universal Love", Fioré has emerged as one of Hollywood’s prolific singer/songwriters. Her secret? An Italian and English upbringing, faith, and giving back.

Fioré’s story begins as a young girl with a microphone attached to a tape recorder. Now, Fioré’s single, "Love Free", has gained a lot of attention and a strong following, and her musical artistry is now being heard over the radio waves and, soon, through every iPod. "Love Free" is the kind of track you want to repeat over and over. You find yourself humming the unique tune hours after hearing it. Fioré’s music, like a wave, pulls you in and takes you on a rhythmic ride, filled with soul, angelic vocals, and lyrics pulled from the heart.


When you meet her, Fioré strikes you as strong and confidently tall and slim, with pin-straight posture, and long, wavy hair. She may even intimidate you a little. But then, the wind blows and her dark, shiny hair sends a message of beauty and intelligence. She reveals her eyes under CHANEL sunglasses, and you get a peak into the real Fioré – her depth, compassion, and search for understanding in the interpretation of life. When she laughs, hearty and sincere, that is when you know that she’s just like everyone else. However, she’s an artist, and artists are always feeling, always thinking, and always creating.


Fioré has always felt deeply. She started writing poetry as soon as she could hold a pencil to paper. Her stepdad was a musician who helped her record her first songs on the tape recorder, turning her writing into lyrics and then into songs. More recently, Fioré began a ritual of collecting her bits of writing on hotel, notebook, or any sort of paper that she had around the house. She would fold the paper four times and put it with the others. Her creative process is never-ending. She can be at work, in the shower, or driving her car; and she will begin singing a melody newly emerged from her mind. Past and present, wherever she is, whatever she is doing, everything leads her back to music.


Throughout her life, Fiore immersed herself in music. She connected to the emotions of the singer and “embraced” the place she was in. Sarah McLaughlin helped her find solace, Dylan explained life’s mysteries, and Sinead O’Connor,  Sade, and Ben Harper brought her through the darker times. Fioré wants her music to help others the same way – “to touch people” and “heal the world starting with your heart.” She recognizes that a song can “become a part of our history” and is “tied to our experiences.” A song can surface as a memory, a moment in time. Just like you will remember where you were when you first heard Fioré’s voice.


Fioré’s upbringing was “arduous” and “laced with confusion in so many ways.” Until recently, Fioré would describe herself as “hiding behind the ‘I’m perfect’ wall.” She was always hard on herself; the mistakes and downfalls left scars, physically and emotionally. People took advantage of Fioré’s desire to succeed and used her for their own agenda. Though she can’t say exactly when the change happened, Fioré realized she was tired of holding up the imaginary barrier. She started accepting herself, rejected the negativity from outside sources, and went through a reformation. Through it all, and through writing, she searched for the right path, or, more importantly, her own path. Soon after, she unfolded her collection of songs and began to finish them.


Her songs visit a range of emotions from heartbreak to happiness, but throughout all, love. But, her songs are not just about romantic love, it is also about, as Fioré adds, “love gained, love lost, and the ability to hold onto yourself through it all,” which is something that Fioré has experienced many times over. Her words are both vulnerable, “Please God help me push on through . . . melt the ice that makes them cruel,” and brave “I must fight to stop the rain.”


Fioré’s speech turns softer when she describes her British grandmother, who was her best friend, and her Italian grandfather. They were both very influential in her life, even now that they are both in Heaven. A contagious smile appears on Fioré’s face, in response to pasta with homemade gravy. “They gave me a lifetime of good memories, and always made me feel important and loved which I needed as a young girl being raised without a father,” she explains. “It’s because of them that I always believe that if you can dream it, anything is possible.” And then a peacefulness and worldly tone approaches when Fioré begins to share her ideas and perspective on life, love, and the meaning of her music. Her passion for consoling abused women quickly changes her eyes to the most serious tone I’ve seen thus far. “Pain is real with life and love, and it is something we hope to overcome with music,” she explains. “With love, sometimes, we become vulnerable, and when that happens, some women find themselves in helpless situations.”


Fioré has been a long time advocate of standing up for Women’s rights, especially with regards to abuse. She has been throwing fundraisers to aid women one-on-one through counseling, guest speeches, and so forth, for over ten years now. “This is a real problem in the world, not just in the U.S., and it stems from fear and control. It is a real problem when women believe they deserve this punishment and are scared to get out from under the control. As long as men are allowed to create an abusive environment, this fear will remain. And once you leave it, you can release this fear.”


Fioré has created a website she hopes will inspire others to take action. It informs readers mostly of where to go to find answers. “The scariest part about abuse is feeling trapped,” she explained. “There are so many amazing places that are working hard every day to build awareness and places for these women to go. They just have to be educated.”


Fioré believes that “learning to love ourselves and take responsibility for our own path first will allow us to embrace others.” She has practiced living in the moment because that is “the only thing that truly exists.” Fioré again becomes both an untouchable icon and long-lasting friend, when these profound ideas and morals are spoken so poignantly. Her philosophy serves a great purpose in the current times, where futures are uncertain. But, in relation to one life, Fioré’s life, that is, how she wants to lead it – loving God, gratitude for her Italian and British heritage, and through the power of giving.


So added all together – the struggles of Fioré’s past, her experiences, her words, and her skill – a new star is born. Fioré’s music takes you along and, like life, there are surprises and sadness, highs and lows, but you are not alone on the journey. She holds your hand, lets go, walks with you, smiles with you, and feels with you. Believe her deep brown eyes when they convey to you, “I’m here, I understand, and you can get through anything life throws at you.” Listen to her music, you will know, Fioré is on this planet for that very reason. “Make peace with your flame” quotes her song. One listen to her music and one view of her performance, and it’s clear what is in store for Fioré. You can purchase her single "Love Free" by visiting iTunes and searching “Fiore Love Free” or stream on Pandora with search terms "Fiore Love Free" or "Fiore Universal Love".










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